Il Territorio


Lake Garda, set among green hills and mountains, is surrounded by beaches and small bays which are wrapped by parfumes and colours. The climate is sweet and temperate and the lush vegetation reminds the Mediterranean costs. The wide range of landscapes and of morphology changes continually from the Alpine scenery in the North to the sweetest hills. From Limone to Riva del Garda, where the lake wedges itself in the territory of Trentino, it becames the home of surfers and sailors and it is destination of very important national and international boat races.There are many tourtist resorts surrounding the lake, with little nice ports, small colourful houses and beautiful villas and gardens.

Santuario del Frassino


Hotel Olioso is near the sanctuary “Madonna del Frassino”, a quiet place full of spirituality but also rich of art and history. It was built the 11th of May 1510 in the place where the miraculous event happened, which seemed to be a gift of Providence to soothe the town of Peschiera from the war devastation and the mourning of the Black Death. It was built exactly around the ash-tree, where, according to tradition, Madonna appeared among its branches. The sanctuary has a nave and ten side chapels. Up to the present Frati Minori Francescani take care of it. Every year it is the destination of thousand of pilgrims.

Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera del Garda

The hotel is in the beautiful and historical Peschiera. It should be fun discover and visit the town centre with its fine shops and vast opportunities. It is 20 minutes far from Verona, 40 minutes from Mantova, 1 hour from Venezia and 20 minutes far from the other lovely spots of the lake nice to be visited.Peschiera is in one of the most strategical and panoramic places of the whole lake, on the main road network and very close to the fun: Gardaland, Caneva World, Movieland, Medieval Times (on the street Gardesana Orientale), Jungle Adventures (in San Zeno – Monte Baldo) and some thermal spa.

Villa dei Cedri


A thermal source discovered by chance, transformed the splendid park of Villa dei Cedri with its secular trees into a place where to recover wellness in the warm water of the thermal lake. Lovely walks and body care by the aesthetical centre complete a relaxing day. In the park there is art too: it is possible to visit Villa dei Cedri, Villa Moscardo, the caretaker’s residence, the guest-rooms, the statues.

Terme di Sirmione


In 1889 the Venetian diver Procopio succeeded in fixing a long pipe 20 meters deep in the rock-flake by Catullo caves where a warm source called Boiola outcropped. It was known for three centuries and from the pipe spurted a hot jet of sulphurous water more than 5 meters above lake-level. In 1900 the first thermal spa was opened exactly where the Grand Hotel Terme is. After the hard time of the two World Wars, two more wells were added to the old source Boiola, the thermal-mineral water of these two sources had the same chemical, physical and therapeutical properties: a pipe network brings water to the thermal spa Virgilio, opened in 1987 at the foot of the peninsula.

Citta' d'Arte


VERONA - Finding out a city of art and culture can be exciting: the Roman Theatre and the Arena, with their worldwide famous summer performances, Juliet’s house, Piazza Bra, Piazza delle Erbe, Porta dei Borsari, Piazza dei Signori, Archi Scaligeri and lots of museums and art galleries, Castel Vecchio and Palazzo Forti with their art-exhibitions, Palazzo Giusti and its gardens and the mirable churches like the Dome, San Fermo, San Giovanni in Foro, Sant’Anastasia, for example.

VENEZIA - How to resist to the charm of Venezia and its narrow streets (called “calli”)? Piazza San Marco, Rialto, Grand Canal and the Lido, the churches, the gondolas to navigate the canals and also here the great culture and art exhibitions all over the year.

MANTOVA - The Royal Palace of the Dukes of Gonzaga, Palazzo Te, Piazza Sordello, Piazza Erbe, Piazza Virgiliana, Palazzo Accademia, Bosco della Fontana, Palazzo Colonna and not to forget every year in September the Literature Festival which is an important appointment not to miss. But also Vicenza, Padova, Brescia and Milano are a sight not to be missed.